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http://thesoussegroup.com/589-rockefeller-irvine-ca-92612/ Locally owned and operated, Over 50 and Loving It! – The Seniors Review is distributed, free of charge, throughout Regional Niagara and Hamilton/Burlington in two separate editions of 20,000 each. In business since 1987, the papers are distributed in the outlets that active seniors frequent: seniors centres and apartments, pharmacies, major food chains, retirement homes, hospitals, clinics and libraries – all to allow easy access and widespread avenues for your advertising message.


http://wherewaterfalls.com/duck-eggs/feed/ Offering effective and affordable coverage of the seniors market, Over 50 and Loving It! – The Seniors Review provides:

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  • a target market and a longer shelf life for optimum exposure
  • extensive free distribution from Burlington to Fort Erie in the outlets that active seniors frequent
  • 99.5% pickup rate for every issue
  • strong local editorial and a format designed expressly for seniors
  • convenient bi-monthly publication schedule that gives the coverage and impact you demand – at a cost that won’t break the bank

http://skillofstrength.com/2015/12/15/how-to-pack-your-shoulder/ No “here today and gone tomorrow” advertising, our convenient bi-monthly publication schedule gives coverage and impact – at a fraction of what advertising in daily newspapers costs! Choose from our wide selection of standard black & white insertion sizes . Full colour and special requests can also be easily arranged.

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Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online No matter what your format, you can rest assured that The Seniors Review will deliver your message to the affluent, active seniors market – effectively and affordably.

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